Efundu Comics

Learning is more fun when subjects come as a comic book. Explore Efundu EVS english, English-Hindi and English-Kannada bilingual comic book.

About Efundu

Imagine learning that’s driven by comics and storytelling. Sometimes with content from the school syllabus and sometimes extra. It’s fun, it’s cool, and it’s a wonderful use of the addictive world of cartoons. Efundu facilitates creativity and curiosity to help the child learn in a happy way that builds the confidence to ask and discover.

The comic book for school

"Very nice way to teach... we all know that Pictures are better than words... you have made use of it very well to impart long lasting knowledge in the reader, especially in kids."

"It's an interesting and simple way of getting kids to read and understand life lessons. Enjoyed reading them!"

"Innovative and informative approach in education for kids."

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